About Us

Crystal “Lavish”  is the owner and founder of Lavish Ways. She exudes the qualities that personify the word grind. Within a few short years, she conquered what most take decades to accomplish. With experience in promotions, marketing, management, and artist development she decided to focus on making Lavish Ways a one stop shop. Her grind and work ethics are impeccable and she is constantly advancing the company to new heights. She is definitely the Queen behind the scene. The business savvy Lavish took an unprecedented step in the industry by building an empire ran solely by women.

Lavish Ways was founded as Lavish Ladies in 2007 – We started off as Lavish Ladies Entertainment, an all female promotions company in Louisiana. Having an entertainment company solely ran by females was something new and innovative at that time. We provided street and internet promotions, models for videos, club hosting, Artist and DJ support, and branding services.

The Company Now – Lavish Ways Entertainment  – Lavish Ways Entertainment is a Talent Management and Marketing Company. The southern-based company now provides Artists, DJs, Celebrities, Brands, Labels, and now Athletes with many services including Consultation, Development, Marketing, and Brand Management. Our goal is to help maximize every marketing and branding opportunity for our Clients in the most compelling way.


A Message From Our Owner

I firmly believe that it is my responsibility to ensure that my client’s endeavors today are conducive to their future. My keen sense of organization allows my clients to function freely without concern about the trivial details that are a part of their day-to-day. Also, my attention to detail and problem-solving skillset is unrivaled. Having a strong background in marketing, I am able to polish my clients thus making them ideal for endorsements and sponsorships. My ability to build and foster genuine relationships have aided in the success of my clients and the partnerships we embark upon.

Whether developing a new call-to-action or creating a relevant brand, I am willing to go the distance ethically to ensure my clients and their brand matures properly. 

When seeking a team, potential clients want a trustworthy and reliable individual that has experience not only in creating the blueprint but implementing it in the most financially responsible way possible. With 10 years of corporate financial experience, I can aid in creating a fiscally solvent brand. 

Also, with over eight years of managing high-profile clients, I understand the demand of the culture as well as the details of the life. What we do is an integral part of the entertainment industry, providing balance to an often-chaotic lifestyle.