Music Review – During our Music Review process we will give you professional advice about your current music (max 3 songs and 1 video) and tips on how to make your sound better. We will also give you a mini-consult on your overall career as seen through your internet presence.

Initial Consultation – This is perfect to jumpstart or further your music career. During this meeting, we will be able to answer basic questions about your music career and the music business. This is your opportunity to receive professional and personal advice about your music and your future in the music industry. At the conclusion of this initial meeting, we should be able to determine if we can work together and establish if you can benefit from Consultation, Artist Development, A&R Services, Management or a Custom Plan.

Consultation Quick Start – We have taken our most effective methods and bundled them up into one package. This package time frame will normally last one month. We will help you establish and build a solid foundation for you to achieve your music career goals. Initially, we will gather information about you and your career. During the process, we will analyze your career and answer questions concerning what should come next for you. We will create a market strategy that you can use as a tool to build. At the conclusion, we will be able to determine your future actions and what needs to be done to keep your career going.

In this package you will receive:

  • 3 Meetings
  • Career and Music Assessment
  • Marketing Plan
  • Post-Consultation Review



Some of the main benefits in our Consultation Package are:

  • Artist Development
  • A&R services
  • Video management
  • Management of a song, album, mixtape, and/or video releases
  • Performance and tour consulting
  • Advise and take care of the business end of your career including legal structure and accountability (iTunes, ASCAP, BMI, etc)
  • Radio promotion techniques and strategies
  • Social Network Experience
  • Create, maintain, and evaluate the public opinion’s of your image, brand, and business structure
  • Branding and Marketing; Image consulting
  • Email/Blog Blast
  • Review and analysis your current traditional and digital promotion and marketing techniques to determine strengths and weakness and new strategies
  • Oversee official website, development & marketing, viral internet, social network and social marketing tactics
  • Full review and updates of your promotional arsenal including press & media kit, promo photos, videos, material, online official and social properties
  • Market and fan base expansion
  • Merchandise development and sales strategies
  • Advise and counsel in any matters pertaining to publicity, public relations and advertising in all fields of entertainment.


Project Management – Let us plan the success of your single, mixtape, or video. We will handle the execution to the release with professionalism, organization, and with our best marketing strategies. We will manage your entire project. This includes helping you choose the best professionals for each job within your budget to getting you the best placements. We also offer additional services when your project is completed. We have over 7 years of experience in releasing projects and in assisting artists in many different aspects of their career.


Marketing/Branding Plans – It does not matter what stage of your career you’re in, Marketing is a must! Our plans use up-to-date techniques and knowledge. We customize each plan according to your genre and budget. Your plan will be detailed and easy to follow. We will also be available to answer any question dealing directly with your plan after we have submitted it to you.


Booking – As an independent Booking Agency,  We have a talented roster of Artists, Celebrity Socialites, and DJs. Lavish Ways is on the leading edge in the music industry and is devoted to the long-term success of our clients, promoters, and partners.

Our Booking Staff consist of entertainment professionals that are well known throughout the industry. The Lavish Brand has a gift of developing talent and bringing major events to the entertainment industry. We also secure the most favorable and best-suited deals for our clients and help to create new opportunities.


Event/Panel Speaking – We will educate your group on the basics of the music business. With years of experience, we can offer honest and informative advice to anyone that is eager to learn.