Our Specialties


We specialize in all forms of Entertainment Management (personal, business, booking, tour, and road). We use our innovative execution when overseeing your career by handling the day to day operations along with negotiating all business affairs. With our extensive knowledge in Publishing, Distribution, and Licensing we can guide and maintain the business end of your career including legal structure and finances.

Talent Booking Agency

As a Talent Booking Agency, we have access to a talented roster of Artists, Celebrity Socialites, and DJs. Lavish Ways is on the leading edge in the music industry and is devoted to the long-term success of our clients, promoters, and partners. Our Booking Staff consists of entertainment professionals that are well known throughout the industry. The Lavish Brand has a gift of developing talent and bringing major events to the entertainment industry. We also secure the most favorable and best-suited deals for our clients and help to create new opportunities.

Creative Services

In the creative process, we create a brand strategy that aligns with your vision. We will determine your future actions and evaluate what needs to be done to keep your career going. We will review your current traditional and digital promotion and marketing techniques to determine strengths, weaknesses, and possible new methods. We have over 12 years of experience in releasing projects. Let us plan the successful release of your single, mixtape, or video. We will handle the execution for your release with professionalism, organization, and with our best branding and marketing strategies.


As music guidance counselors, we provide talent and music industry professionals with suggestions and recommendations that assist in averting a crisis or solving a problem. We also advise and coach clients through career decisions and reputation management. With so much unpredictability in the entertainment industry, seeking out Lavish Ways during any situation will provide you with expert advice beyond your own comfort zone and insight.

Additional Services

Artist Development

Business Startup Services

DJ Servicing

Blog Sites Placements

Label Building

Radio Promotion Techniques and Strategies

Event Planning

Image Consulting and Media Training

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