Lavish Ways has a gift when it comes to developing talent. As an Award-Winning Management Agency, we work hard to remain culturally relevant and on the leading edge in the entertainment industry while being devoted to the long-term success of our clients and partners. We specialize in many forms of Entertainment Management (business, booking, tour, road, project, etc). We use innovative execution when guiding your career by handling the day-to-day operations along with negotiating all business affairs or by overseeing your projects and events.

Business Management: With our extensive knowledge in Taxes, Business Structures, Publishing, Distribution, and Licensing we can guide and maintain the business end of your career including legal structure and finances.

Road and Tour Management: When on the road with one of our team members you can affirm that we make sure your run is organized and all business obligations are handled properly.

Booking Management: As talent on our roster we secure the best-suited deals for our clients and help to create new opportunities. As a Booking Agency, we have an exceptional roster of Artists, Celebrity Socialites, and DJs to choose from for your next event. Our Booking Staff consists of entertainment professionals that are well known throughout the industry.

Consultation Management

As consultants, we provide talent and music industry professionals with suggestions and recommendations that will advance your career and strengthen your brand. We also advise and coach clients through career decisions and development. With so much unpredictability in the entertainment industry, we will provide you with expert advice beyond your own insight.

Project Management

In the creative process of project managing, we create a brand strategy that aligns with your vision. We will determine your future actions and evaluate what needs to be done to keep your career going. We will review your current traditional and digital promotion and marketing techniques to determine strengths, weaknesses, and possible new methods. We have over 13 years of experience in releasing projects. Let us plan the successful release of your album, single, mixtape, or video. We will handle the execution for your release with professionalism, organization, and with our best branding and marketing strategies. We will manage your entire project which includes helping you choose the best professionals for each job within your budget. We also offer additional services when your project is completed. 

Media Relations

It does not matter what stage of your career you’re in, connecting with the media is a must! Our goal as your Media Relations Manager is to create, maintain, and evaluate the public opinion of your image, brand, and business. We focus on market and fanbase expansion along with media and press relations. We have beneficial relationships with journalists and social media platforms that aid in getting you in front of the press. We maximize value for you by creating new opportunities and becoming an advocate.

Event Management

Our Event Team consists of professionals that can handle small and large-scale events. Lavish Ways is more than capable of putting together a major event for your brand. We also obtain the most favorable situations to ensure your event is successful and on budget.

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