Music Review

During our Music Review process we will give you professional advice about your current music (max 3 songs and 1 video) and tips on how to make your sound better. We will also give you a mini-consult on your overall career as seen through your internet presence.

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Initial Consultation

This is perfect to jumpstart or further your music career. During this meeting, we will be able to answer basic questions about your music career and the music business. This is your opportunity to receive professional and personal advice about your music and your future in the music industry. At the conclusion of this initial meeting, we should be able to determine if we can work together and establish if you can benefit from Consultation, Artist Development, A&R Services, Management or a Custom Plan.

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Monthly Consultation

We will help you establish and build a solid foundation for you to achieve your music career goals. Initially, we will gather information about you and your career. During the process, we will analyze your career and answer questions concerning what should come next for you. We will create a market strategy that you can use as a tool to build. At the conclusion, we will be able to determine your future actions and what needs to be done to keep your career going.

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