Building Your Brand

Building a brand is more than building a product…it’s about telling a great story.

Let us tell your story! As your music guidance counselor, Lavish Ways Entertainment will build awareness for you and your brand.


Management And Consulting

We maximize value for our clients by becoming an advocate for our Artists. A few of the services we provide as Consultants/Managers are Artist Development; Executive Producing Projects, Artist Repertoire (A&R) Services; Artist and Label Building (Artist’s Social Development, Bio, EPKs, Social Sites, Website, and Image); Project Management, and more. We have an extensive knowledge in Publishing, Distribution, Label Deals, and Licensing. We will use our innovative execution when developing your career or your project. We will be there every step of the way and will connect you with the best producers, studios, directors, graphic designers, etc.



We use cutting edge, groundbreaking techniques during our marketing and building process. At Lavish Ways, it’s our desire to stimulate demand for our clients. Part of our Marketing and Publicity process includes developing and carrying out marketing and branding plans; Public Relations Services; Integrating traditional, digital, and social media marketing to maximize sales opportunities; Managing all media and marketing aspects for recording artists, record labels, DJs, athletes, and events; Coordinating and overseeing all aspects of a current release, including packaging, advertising, tours, publicity, and promotions. We are always open to travel to prepare clients for performances, television shows, photo shoots, and more.